Electro-chemical Wastewater (Effluent) treatment systems for industrial, commercial or rural users.

Wastewater Effluent Treatment Plant

Electro-Oxidation, Electrocoagulation and flotation Based WWT Systems

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

RT ECO - a promising electrochemical wastewater treatment technology to treat complex wastewater streams.

With RT ECO WWT technology, metal cations are produced on the electrodes forming various hydroxides in the water depending on the water pH with simultaneous pollutants removal from water by electroflotation, which occurs with electrocoagulation and further removal by filtration.

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RT ECO WWTP Applications
  • Frac & Produced Water Trewatment
  • Palm Oil Industries Mill Effluent Treatment
  • Restaurant, Grease Trap Wastewater treatment
  • Bio Medical Liquid, Pharma Waste-waters treatment
  • Heavy Metal Removal, Carwash/ truckwash water treatment
  • Livestock Farm, Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment
  • Textile & Tanneries Wastewater Treatment
  • Aquaculture, Textile & Tanneries Wastewater Treatment